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The Talk (HD, New, TV-14) Actress Wendi McLendon-Covey talks about the 2018 family film "Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween"; "Top Talker" entertainment host Jaymes Vaughan.
Daily Blast Live (HD, New) Hosts discuss the latest trending stories in news and entertainment as they look at the changing world in real time, with live audience participation.
Daily Blast Live (HD, New) Hosts discuss the latest trending stories in news and entertainment as they look at the changing world in real time, with live audience participation.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (HD, New, TV-G) Sarah Silverman of "I Love You, America" and "Ralph Breaks the Internet"; Jon Dorenbos welcomes an ambassador for the Philadelphia Eagles Autism Challenge.

Dr. G: Medical Examiner Death on the Road (HD, TV-14) Far from home, a man is found dead in a motel room in a scene strewn with blood and guts and Dr. G must figure out if it was a murder or a suicide.
Dr. G: Medical Examiner The Mourning After (HD, TV-PG) After partying with his friends, a young man who doesn't use drugs falls asleep for the last time; a 43-year-old's ex-wife finds him face down in a bathtub.
Dr. G: Medical Examiner Prescription for Change (HD, TV-PG) Dr.G investigates the mysterious death of a woman with almost no medical history; a known prescription drug addict is found dead at a friend's house.

Bewitched Samantha's Magic Mirror (TV-G) In her attempts to cheer up a despondent Esmerelda, Samantha conjures a mirror that makes her appear to be younger and more attractive.
Bewitched Laugh, Clown, Laugh (TV-G) Endora attempts to solve Darrin's apparent lack of humor by turning him into a comedian and putting him under a spell that causes him to laugh at anything sad.
Welcome Back Kotter Horshack and Madame X (TV-PG) After being rejected by a girl yet again, Horshack becomes depressed and lacking self-confidence; Julie Kotter feels bad for him and consoles him.
Soap (TV-PG) Eunice is blindsided by Walter, while Burt makes his own startling confession; the prosecutor at Jessica's trial drops a bombshell.
Benson Double Exposure (TV-PG) Benson works with the FBI to help them learn the truth regarding a bribery scandal, but he ends up getting in over his head when politicians are accused.
What's Happening!! Making Out (TV-PG) Rerun and Raj bet each other who will get furthest with the girls in their lives, and as Rerun fails, Raj goes far with the girl Rerun cares most for.

Sci-Trek What Animals Build (HD, TV-G) Engineering marvels built by animals reveal incredible structures like spider webs, honeycombs and beaver dams offering ideas for more efficient human designs.
Factory Made Chef Knives, Paint Rollers, Glass Vials, Chocolate (HD, TV-G) High-class culinary knives are created with the demands of gourmet chefs in mind; a factory's machines assemble the different parts to create paint rollers.
Factory Made Artificial Turf, Boat Anchors, Dentures, Sleeping Bags (HD, TV-G) Cameras tour factories to capture the manufacturing process that is needed to create products like dentures, boat anchors, artificial turf and sleeping bags.
Modern Marvels Battle Ready (HD, TV-PG) Examined are hi-tech innovations in military equipment, such as advanced training facilities and tents, GPS-guided air drops, fire-retardant uniforms and more.
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