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« The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (HD, TV-14) Using his personal style of humor and thought-provoking discussions, Stephen Colbert explores a wide variety of topics in entertainment, politics and music.
The Late Late Show with James Corden (HD, TV-14) James Corden brings his personal touch and talents to late night television as the host of a show featuring interviews and comedy sketches.
News 19 @ 11 (Encore) (Repeat) The News 19 Team presents an in-depth report on the major news events of the day and the details of late-breaking news stories, along with the latest sports...
Paid Program: SE SPINE (TV-G) A 30 minutes sponsored television Infomercials, which generally includes a phone number, mailing address and website.
Paid Program: HAVAS EDGE REDCROSS ULT D 800-684-9635 (TV-G) A 30 minutes sponsored television Infomercials, which generally includes a phone number, mailing address and website.

Alaska State Troopers (HD, TV-14) The 49th state's law enforcement agency is one of the toughest, patrolling vast stretches of rugged terrain that are swathed in darkness for much of the year.
Most Evil Sexual Deviants (HD, TV-14) Sexually deviant killers merge their erotic fantasies with actual violence; a trusted police officer tied up, raped and murdered his victims; a serial rapist.
Most Evil Fantasy Killers (HD, TV-14) Fantasy killers imagine every detail of their crime prior to committing it; a man kills his victims by torturing them in the woods.

« Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include Carl Reiner, Helen Shaw and Jann Karam.
Becker Super Bob (TV-PG) John is upset to learn the annoying banging on the wall next door that he ignored was the building super having a heart attack and Bob is replacing him.
Wings Mother Wore Stripes (TV-PG) Joe is excited when his mother returns after years of being away, but Joe refuses to forgive her for leaving them in the first place.
Growing Pains Fast Times at Dewey High (TV-G) The Seaver children are faced with yet another new school year providing challenges for all three of them; a bully threatens to meet Ben after school.
Family Ties Heartstrings, Part 2 (TV-PG) The family becomes anxious when Steven's surgery takes longer than they expect and join Nick as he keeps up the spirits of other waiting room visitors.
The Hogan Family Paris Part 3 (TV-G) A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.

American Loggers The Last Stand (HD, TV-PG) Production must increase during the winter push; the family gathers to celebrate their new business venture at their restaurant's grand opening.
Most Daring Bombed, Blitzed and Busted (TV-14) Outrageous antics of drunken people are captured on camera, including a belligerent woman violently resisting arrest, spectators at the Kentucky Derby.
Modern Marvels Brewing (HD, TV-PG) An anthropologist explores the ancient history of beer, which goes as far back as ancient Egypt, and he visits modern breweries as well.
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